Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

What is Robotic Surgery?
As the name suggests, Robotic Surgery is the most advanced form of minimally invasive or laparoscopic (small incision) surgery performed by an expert surgeon using highly sophisticated computer-controlled robot. The robot's hands enable the surgeon to operate precisely with high degree of dexterity, even in the tightest spaces of the human body that would otherwise require an open surgery.

Why Robotic Surgery at P.D.Hinduja Hospital?
The world's most advanced integrated robotic system comes together under one roof, offering you state-of-the-art healthcare so that you can get back to living life faster!
P. D. Hinduja Hospital is proud to introduce the latest da Vinci Xi Robot supplemented with the 'Motion Table', 'Drop-in Probe Ultra Sound' and 'AirSeal System'.

da Vinci Xi Surgical System:
The da Vinci Xi is the world's most advanced robotic surgical system and is regarded as the disruptive innovation of minimally invasive surgery. This revolutionary technology is specifically designed for performing highly sophisticated, multi-quadrant surgery and also relatively simpler single-quadrant surgery, offering a high level of comfort for patients and surgeons alike.

Integrated Motion Table:
The 1st in India, it enables a patient to be dynamically positioned while the surgeon operates so that the surgical body part can be targeted quickly with greater precision and accuracy for better outcomes.

AirSeal System:
Is the world's first 3-in-1 insufflations management system to automatically maintain desired pressure during surgery in the body.

Drop-in Probe Ultra Sound:
Helps better visibility and precision during surgery which results in best output during surgery.


Robotic surgery offers many benefits compared to open surgery for both patients and surgeons.

Benefits for Patients

  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Faster recovery time and return to normal activities
  • Smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of infection
  • Reduced blood loss and transfusions
  • Minimal scarring

Benefits for Surgeon

  • Greater visualization
  • Enhanced dexterity
  • Greater precision

Is it Safe?
Robotic Surgery is a well-established procedure having a successful track record of thousands of cases both in India and around the world. Furthermore, Robotic Surgery has a definitive edge over regular surgery with less time for recuperation, less re-infection and fewer complications, making it the most effective and efficient minimally invasive surgery.

What is the cost of Robotic Surgery?
Robotic Surgery is slightly more expensive than regular surgery. But in hindsight, the extra cost is worth the results. Robotic Surgery requires shorter hospital stay, thereby considerably decreasing the hospitalisation cost. It also provides faster recovery, enabling patients to return to their normal life quicker.

What is the significance of an expert surgeon in Robotic Surgery?
The robot is like the body and the surgeon is the brain which controls it. Even though the surgery is performed by the robot, the entire procedure is in the complete control of the surgeon. Surgical robots are self-powered, computer-controlled devices that can be programmed to aid in the positioning and Manipulation of surgical instruments. It helps the surgeon to perform complex surgical tasks through tiny incisions. Ultimately, Robotic Surgery aides the surgeon to execute a surgery with better accuracy, flexibility and control.

Which are the Robotic Surgery aided specialties?
The extreme precision offered by Robotic Surgery is its biggest advantage. This makes it ideal technique for several major and minor surgeries. Our consultants will advice you whether Robotic surgery is recommended after detailed examination of your case. At Hinduja, we offer robotic-assisted surgery in the following specialties:

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Robotic Surgery
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