Administration Policies

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  • Reservation is done for the elective procedure of the patient.
  • For Payment Processing of bills/deposits for the hospital services–
    • Advance/Bill/Deposit payment processing should be done at least two (2) working business days before to your scheduled service (Surgery/Procedure) date.
    • If the actual Due Date (Surgery/Procedure date) falls on a non-working business day, you must select a Payment Date that is at least three (3) working business days before the actual due date.
  • Mode of payment is by Indian currency.
  • After completion of transaction for online payment, an Acknowledgement Receipt gets generated. Kindly bring the following documents with you at subsequent visits to the hospital for reference.
    • Valid photo identity card/proof acceptable as per the law.
    • Original Credit Card along with address proof (Applicable if user is patient only).
    • Duly signed photo copy of Credit Card.
    • Acknowledgement Receipt.
  • Reservation deposit will be forfeited in case of cancellation/postponement done by patient.
  • Only a surgeon/consultant can cancel or postpone a surgery on medical grounds and authorize refund of reservation deposit. Please contact Admission counter after cancellation.
  • The cancellation process is as follows -
    • The consultant and the admission counter are to be informed w.r.t. cancellation, minimum 2 days or 48 hrs prior to the date of surgery.
    • A note from consultant is required to confirm about the cancellation before the refund payment.
  • In case of approval of Refund by the hospital management, a percentage of the Reservation deposit amount not more than 5% will be borne by credit card holder based on the commission paid by hospital to the Credit card bank on the original & refund transaction.
  • All patients for admission are requested to sign an undertaking for payment as per the hospital charges.
  • Please bring all original deposit receipts at the time of discharge.
  • No adjustment of amount is done without the original receipts and should be done within 30 days of date of receipts.
  • All receipts are in the name of the patient.
  • No revenue stamps are affixed on receipts.
  • There is no surcharge on the hospital bill, however all foreign nationals and NRIs will be levied 25% surcharge on the gross bill.
  • Deposits and all other charges are subject to change without notice.
  • In case of change of billing class from Standard to Premium for the same surgery package, all the charges as per Premium will be levied to the patient since day of admission or vice-versa.
  • For change of billing class from Premium to Standard for the same surgery package, consent of consultant/surgeon is required.
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